Our Story

Shaunic CEO Kisse Girl

My name is Shaunic Stinson. I am the founder and CEO of Kisse Girl. I am a beauty enthusiast and accountant who put my love for numbers and my love for pampering products together to create my own beauty brand that provides natural products that you can use daily to take exceptional care of yourseld from head to toe! 

I originally started this company in 2008 out of my love for bath and body products. In 2009, I put the business on the shelf to put my family first so that I could focus on being a wife and a mom to my four children, 3 of them being teen boys at the time, and a toddler daughter.

During that time, I started a YouTube channel called Brown Girls Hair and a blog teaching mom's how to care for and style their daughter's natural hair. I started the blog because at the time (2010), I wasn't able to find anyone or anything online to help me learn how to care for my daughter's thick, course, natural hair. There were tons of female natural hair guru's, but none were showing how to care for a child's hair. (side note: We have a hair care course available for $25 that offers a free 2 oz Kisse Girl hair and body oil with it. If you are interested, you can check it out HERE.)

I decided to do it. I started to share what I was doing with my daughter's hair and sharing what I was learning through trial and error. As a result, I built a loyal following. 

My success with caring for my daughter's hair has yielded results of healthy, long, vibrant hair. People begin to ask me about the products that I use on her hair. I would share it with them and realized while I am promoting other brands, I should be sharing with them my own products that I developed a decade prior. 

On February 1, 2018, I re-launched Kisse Girl, a luxury beauty brand for hair, skin, and nails named after my daughter (that's her in our product pictures).

When my daughter was 2, her 3 brothers would kiss her on her cheeks. She hated it and would run to her Dad and I to tell us that they kisse her. That birthed the name Kisse Girl!

I created the formulas for our first two products in my home. Currently our business is totally operated from our home.

Because we want our products to be great for the entire family (although they were made with women in mind) we use mostly natural ultra quality ingredients without the harmful stuff.

Our Signature Collection includes products that are multi-purpose, meaning they are great for more than one thing. For example, the hair and body oil is not only great for your hair, it works wonders on your skin and nails too which maximizes your dollars and space in your bathroom.

People are always shocked when they find out my age because I look decades younger than I am. (I am a grandma!) The first question they ask is "What to I do to keep myself looking so young?"

I promise share my outer beauty secrets with you with the products that I create for your hair, skin, and nails. 

We cater to contemporary women who love to pamper themselves from head to toe daily! 

Our brand helps you LOOK Great & FEEL Great so that you can BE GREAT!